Terrie Bennett

Terrie Bennett is a 2nd generation sculpture, daughter of Tom Bennett of world famous Bennett Sculpture. She has been sculpting professionally for 38 years. Her work is inspired by nature and drives her desire to spread awareness around protecting the earth, the animals and the precious resources that are being destroyed.

Tiny Hummer ~ 3/100

Oh, the splendor you bring Your beauty is not lost on me Wings whirling Colors swirling The buzzing of your wings The sweetest energy Diving in to drink your sweet nectar In this precious  moment Reminding me That joy is found in the smallest of things.

The Spirit of nature ~ 1/100

Today the great mystery calls me to embark on a 100 day journey – to commit to a practice of writing 100 Love Poems to Nature as I join hearts with others in the #100dayproject . This will be our second year doing it as a group of artists Bennett Sculpture CarmelI will get out in nature every day for 100 days & incorporate my love poems with photo’s, sculpture, paintings & whatever inspires me along the way. Why nature? Because She Is Everything.