Terrie Bennett is a second generation sculptor and has been sculpting professionally for over three decades. At a very young age she started working in the bronze foundry business with her father and uncle, sculptor’s Tom and Bob Bennett, known throughout the world as Bennett Sculpture. She has worked in every phase of the foundry business and as her father’s apprentice she studied composition, form and the technique of creating three dimensional sketches in wire.

Terrie was one of the first sculptors to focus primarily on marine mammals in the early 1980’s, quickly establishing herself as one of the top marine artists in Hawaii and the Western United States. She has always been an environmental activist so it was only natural for her to create work that she is passionate about which led to her involvement and contribution in many environmental organizations over the years. She is deeply Inspired by the natural world and the protection of our animals, the ocean and and our sacred planT.

Over the years, she has been blessed to receive many awards and commissions for her work. One of the recent highlights is being chosen to create a sculpture for The Space Foundation, commemorating Nasa”s thirty year space shuttle program. She has worked directly with environmental groups, corporations, governmental organizations and architects to create unique, timeless works of art

Terrie has owned and curated fine Art galleries in California and Taos, New Mexico. She has been honored to promote and support many talented artists as well as directly connecting with many art collectors and enthusiasts from around the world. When not sculpting new work or busy with commissions she also loves to teach sculpting to others. She believes in the raw natural creative talent in everyone and especially loves to share the extraordinary sculpting techniques that she inherited from her uncle and father.

Today, her artistic focus is on creating conscious awareness to the relevant, critical  issues in the world.  She is a Peace activist, trained as a Peace Ambassador and is passionate about the rising feminine collective and the many ways in which women are on the leading edge of change movements and peace building efforts around the world.