The Lost Art of Creating Art

Some days I feel like the world is changing so fast it’s hard to keep up. Humans have become so addicted to technology in the modern world that we can’t imagine our lives without it. There are many aspects of it that I appreciate and use daily. There are many other parts that make me yearn for a simpler time. 

I turned sixty this year and, admittedly, this number has landed pretty hard for me. After spending the past four decades perfecting my skills as a sculptor, I would have never imagined that I could be replaced by a machine. But this possibility seems more plausible every day. The skills that were passed on to me feel like a lost art in this modern world. We live in a time where you can design something on a computer screen, have it 3D printed and create a sculpture, without ever having learned the actual skills of creating art.

I respect the advancements that allow us to print 3 dimensional forms. I also strongly believe it is more important than ever for people to develop the skills to build things with their own hands. 

There is so much noise going on in the world around us. Maybe we need to turn it off in order to hear what our soul wants to express through us. This is the energy that creates great art. It’s like being swept up in a vast ocean of color, light, shadow and form. Playing with these energies to create something that is so uniquely yours that it captivates the hearts of others as well. 

In this new season of my life I feel a resurgence of new creative energy along with the drive to push the envelope of what I have created so far. I also feel very passionate to share my knowledge with others that have the desire to learn. 

Early next year I will be opening up my schedule for new students that would like to learn the art of sculpture as taught to me by my father and uncle. From three dimensional sketching in wire, to the composition of form in both abstract and realistic styles. If you have ever dreamed of creating a sculpture of your own this will be a great opportunity to learn the art of sculpting in clay, wire and bronze.

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