Terrie Bennett Sculpture


Artist Terrie Bennett is a second generation sculptor, following in the legacy of her father Tom Bennett and uncle Bob Bennett whose contemporary high polish bronze sculpture is known throughout the world as Bennett Sculpture...or “Unmistakably Bennett.”

Terrie was a pioneer in the field of marine art in the early 80’s, attracting many art patrons that shared her commitment to honor the natural world.  She has worked with many environmental organizations, corporations and individuals on commissioned designs and has been very successful at capturing the heart and soul of their mission, vision or cause.  Her work continues to evolve, fueled by her passion... Inspired by her Heart.

“Creating Art Is A Spiritual Practice. Each piece a sacred journey of discovery in co-creating with the greater field of life. The heart of nature speaks through me, guiding me towards that which is asking to be revealed.”

When not sculpting,  she is passionate about doing what she can to make a difference in the transformation of our World.  She has many inspiring projects currently underway that will involve collaboration & co-creative participation with some of today’s leading women visionaries & peacemakers.

Please read more about these on her Inspiring Projects Page.



We are excited to announce that Terrie has just finished a sculpture commissioned by The Space Foundation.  The sculpture was presented to NASA in April, commemorating their 30 year Space Shuttle Program.  Two sculptures were produced for permanent display. One is on display at NASA Headquarters and the other is on display at

The Space Foundation headquarters.

Terrie is currently creating the “Feminine Power Global Award” for Claire Zammit & Katherine Woodward Thomas-Global Feminine Power Program.